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Collection and Exemption Info

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Important Dates

Tax Collection  Collected For Due Date  Last Payment Date
 Count/Town Tax  January 1 – December 31  February 15  July 1
 School Tax  July 1 – June 30  October 15  November 30
 Village Tax  June 1- May 31  July 1  October 31

* Please Check your tax bill for the exact dates.

In an effort to consolidate services, the Village and Town have entered into Municipal Agreements whereby the Town of Tonawanda Clerk serves as the Village Tax Collector and the Town Assessor also serves as the Village Assessor.

The Town Clerk serves as tax collector for the Village, School District, County/Town taxes.  Payment can be made to Room 14 of the Kenmore Municipal Building (Town Clerk’s Office), or on-line at the link in the sidebar.

There will be a service fee charged for use of the on-line or credit card payment option.

To reach the Tonawanda Clerk’s Office, please call (716) 877-8800.

Note:  Due Dates and Last payment dates may vary depending on whether these dates fall on a weekend.

Penalty Rates

Village Tax Bills not paid by July 1st will have a penalty added to the amount due.

  • 7/2 – 7/31: 7.5%
    Each month after: 1.5%

Bills not paid by November 1st are transferred to the County for collection through the County Tax Bill.

Any outstanding water charges and refuse fines will be added to the Village Tax Bill if not paid by March 1st.

Exemption Information

All Exemption Applications are due by March 1st.

STAR (NYS School Tax Relief Program) provides tax relief off of your School Tax for your primary residence, but you need to apply for it.  Your income needs to be below $500,000 to qualify.  If you are a new homeowner, please remember to go online and apply for STAR as soon as possible.  The STAR application can be found at the link in the sidebar.

Enhanced STAR is available to income-qualifying senior citizens.  This is a separate application from the general STAR program.

For questions relative to exemptions (veterans, senior Citizens, etc) , including STAR, Enhanced STAR, veterans, senior citizen and other exemptions, please contact the Town Assessor at (716) 877-8811.

MOVING?  Tax Receipts and Certificates are required

Tax Certificates must be obtained before transferring any property in the Village of Kenmore. Tax Certificates are usually secured by the Seller’s Attorney. The cost of a Tax Certificate is $20.

Requests for a Tax Certificate are made to:

Village of Kenmore
Clerk/Treasurer’s Office
Kenmore Municipal Building – Rm 17
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore NY  14217

Copies of your Village Tax Receipt can be obtained in the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office for a charge of $1/receipt.

Copies of your Village, County or School Tax can be obtained in the Town Clerk’s Office or on-line at the Town of Tonawanda website.