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Police Department

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135 Wilber Avenue
Kenmore, NY  14217
Telephone: (716) 875-1234
Fax: (716) 875-2779

Citizen’s Police Academy
Officer Brian Zoldowski
(716) 875-1234

Juvenile Aid Bureau
Detective Justin Breitnauer
(716) 322-0661

The JUVENILE AID BUREAU is located in the Kenmore Community Center, 135 Wilber, Kenmore NY  14217.

Thomas J. Phillips 
Chief of Police

AJ Kiefer

Frederick Vaccaro


Every day, distracted driving kills more than 9 people and injures more than 1,100.  According the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it accounts for more than 1.5 million collisions/yr.

TALKING or TEXTING – Using a cell phone impairs driver reaction time to the same level as the legal limit for impaired driving.  You are 23 times more likely to crash if you’re texting.

Please remember that any kind of multi-tasking should be avoided while driving.  Keep your attention on the road.  Eliminate driver distractions that keep your eyes off the road, whether it be personal maintenance, rubber-necking, texting (or using a hand-held phone), or adjusting your radio, iPod or GPS.    If you need to address any of these things, PULL OVER and stop in a safe place.

COVID Home Test Kits and KN95 masks

COVID Home Test Kits and KN95 masks are available at the KPD on a first come/first serve basis, while supplies last.  Village residents only.

The Kenmore Police Department is distributing free COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits and KN95 masks to Village residents. Each household is entitled to receive 2 test kits. The kits and masks can be picked up at the front desk at our station at any time, while supplies last. Proof of residency is required (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.).