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June 2021.  The Village of Kenmore has a new water program, which has been installed to provide greater security to our system.  This new system also allows for online payments.  The new system went into effect June 1st, so at present, the only customers who can use the online payment option are those in Unit I - Red bills.  For those with Blue and Green bills, you'll be able to access this service after receiving your next bill (after June 1, 2021). 

Please note that there will be a small service fee if you pay on line.  If you don't want to have any additional charges, you can pay in person, US Mail, or using the Drop Box located on the Delaware Road side of the Municipal Building. 

Also please note that all customers will have a new account number.  If your water bill is paid by a bank or other 3rd party, be sure to they have your new water account number to ensure proper credit to your account.  We've made every effort to make this changeover as smooth as possible, but please check your bill carefully and let us know if any of the information is incorrect.  For more information on Water, please check the menu on this website.  For information on paying on-line, please see Water/Pay Your Bill.