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April 2020.  Kenton Meals on Wheels has been providing meals to our Seniors throughout the COVID19 crisis.  Under the leadership of Dan Wiles and Jessica Nowak, KTMOW has expanded its routes from 18 - 22 due to the increased number of clients.  Prior to COVID19, they serviced 240 customers.  Currently they are serving 315.  The number of meals increased from 1925 to 2600.  This is in addition to producing  and distributing 1300 extra frozen meals and 500 boxes containing shelf-stable meals.  With many volunteers unable to help due to COVID restrictions, KTMOW has also recruited new volunteers to maintain servicing to our seniors.  The Village of Kenmore wishes to thank everyone involved with The Kenton Meals on Wheels program for their service at this difficult time. And of course, our on-going thanks to all those essential service employees, especially those in the medical community!