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Happy Thanksgiving!!


 11/22/18 - DPW, Clerk/Treasurer, Court, Water & Building Departments are closed.  Clerk/Treasurer, Water, Building and Court are also closed Friday 11/23/18.


Trash and Recycle Schedule week of 11/19/18:

M, T, W - Regular Schedule

Th - NO collection - Thursday's trash/recycle will be collected on Friday

F - Friday's trash/recycle will be collected on Saturday



Please remember NOT to rake leaves into the street.  Not only does this create slippery roads, it also can clog the storm sewers and create flooding. 

Leaves may be placed in your garbage tote, in open containers, or clear plastic bags.  You may also rake your leaves into the Right of Way (the area between the curb and your sidewalk) for DPW pick up.


Upcoming events:

12/7/18 - Santa's coming to the Village Holiday event.  6 PM

Municipal Green - Great way to start the holiday season!  Carriage rides, food trucks, annual sing along, tree lighting and Santa!

12/13/18 - Stop Sip & Shop 4 PM - 8 PM

Along Delaware Avenue (between Westgate and Hazeltine) - The Kenmore Business Association is sponsoring this fun community event.  Support our local merchants and get your holiday shopping done!  Food and drinks are available at various businesses.  Start at Diversified Hearing (2900 Delaware Ave) to get your free shopping pass and to check out the Baskets up for Auction.





Citizens Police Academy starts January 23, 2019.  This is an 11 week class that runs every Wednesday from 7-10 PM.  If interested, you can pick up an application at the Kenmore Police Department or in the Clerk/Treasurer's Office.  All applications must be received by January 1, 2019.


This program is designed to give you an opportunity to learn more about what the KPD does and how they do it.  Classes include K-9 demonstration, detective bureau, crime scene investigations, juvenile aide, patrol ride-along, and more.  All applicants  must be 21 years old and resides in (or employed within) the Village of Kenmore.  Please note that the application process includes a criminal history check and Driver's License Check.



12/1/18 - While the Winter Parking Ban  officially runs 11/15 – 3/15, the Village Board has decided, based on current weather reports, to push up the start date to DECEMBER 1, 2018


Please note that if weather forecasts change, the Village may need to implement an earlier start date.   Also, we ask your help throughout the winter - please keep your car off of the street during major snow fall to allow plows to clear the roads as quickly as possible.


Beginning December 1st:  No on-street parking 2 AM – 6 AM while the Ban is in effect.



STAR info.  If you are a new homeowner, please remember to go online and apply for STAR as soon as possible.  The STAR application can be found at the link below:



RATS/RODENTS - Because of the hot, dry weather, there has been a significant increase in rat sightings throughout Erie County as rats go out in search of food/drink.

If you see a rat on your property, immediately contact ERIE COUNTY VECTOR CONTROL at 716/961-6800.  Only the County can bait your property.  Please note that they cannot bait inside your home or garage, so if you see a rat inside a structure, you will need to hire a pest-control company to bait these spaces.  The Village cannot bait properties.  You can help:


  1. KEEP THE LID CLOSED!  This simple step will eliminate access to your garbage (a primary rodent food source).

  2. PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET.  Pick up any animal waste in your yard. This is also a food source for rats.

  3. RAISE WOOD PILES OFF OF THE GROUND  Rats like to live in wood piles.

  4. SKIP THE BIRDSEED!  Bird seed (and bread) spills over onto the ground attracting rats. Please note that under Erie County and Village law, bird feeders can only be used which are designed to prevent seed from dropping out of the feeder.

  5. CUT DOWN WEEDS.  Overgrowth of weeds is a prime harbor for rats. Please cut down weeds located on your property. Typical problem areas include that space behind your garage and around/between fences.

  6. DON'T ALLOW WATER TO POOL/COLLECT.  especially during dry spells. Rats are looking for water sources and a puddle area on your driveway or patio will attract them. Do not leave out water for your pets or for birds as this will attract rats, too.

  7. LET US KNOW IF YOU SEE A RAT– Or if you observe your neighbors violating any of the above steps. While the Village cannot bait, we may be able to help identify the source location of the rats and will send out literature to advise your neighbors to the problem and to remind them of steps needing to be taken to get rid of the problem.

  8. DON'T LEAVE FOOD or WATER OUTSIDE FOR CATS or DOGS - Leaving food/water outside for animals is an invitation to rats!  It's also illegal to ground feed animals.


Seeking your help in the event of bad weather.

High winds:  Please bring totes in as soon as possible and please pick up any debris that might have fallen out if your tote tipped over.






All peddlers are required to obtain a permit from the Village to conduct door to door business.  You can ask to see this permit.  If a peddler cannot produce a permit, please contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office (873-5700) or the Kenmore Police (875-1234) so that we can follow-up on this.


If you do not wish to have peddlers come to your home, simply post a sign on your door to that effect.

We recommend that you do not invite peddlers into your home, and that you do not give any personal information or cash to a peddler.

You can request that a peddler leave.

Any problems, please contact the Kenmore Police Department, as soon as possible - 716 875-1234.


For more information on Peddlers, please check out the Kenmore Municipal Code, Chapter 16.



WARNING -  Phone scam alerts

Do not give out any information from any caller from National Grid.  Village residents have been receiving calls from persons stating that they are from National Grid, and that without an immediate payment, the utility will be turned off.  DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION.  Utility Companies cannot turn off electric or gas service without prior written notification.


Do not reply to any phone call/voicemail requesting information from the CITY of Kenmore.  There is a scam where the caller says they are calling to get permission to release information on file with the CITY of Kenmore (not the Village).  The voicemail requests a call-back to an 855 exchange and even gives a reference number.  The Village of Kenmore would not make such a call.  We also do not have a toll-free number.  Please contact the Kenmore Police Department if you should receive a call requesting personal information over the phone (716/875-1234)


KENMORE SAFE CAM - the Kenmore Police Department is introducing Safe Cam which allows all Kenmore residents and businesses to register your outside security cameras which may help deter crime and assist the KPD in crime prevention strategies.

To Register, click on Police Department/Safe Cam/Registration.  There is no cost and all information will be kept confidential.  You can cancel your registration at any time. 

More information about Safe Cam, including the registration info, can be found on this website under Police/SafeCam

The KPD will only contact you if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security cameras.  Your video may help in criminal investigations.




















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