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The Village received word this week that its application for TAP funding had been granted.  $700,000 will be used to improve the right of way on Elmwood Avenue in the Village in order to provide better and safer transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Through this grant, sidewalks will be replaced and, on one side of the street, the sidewalks will be expanded to 10 feet in width in order to accommodate room for both pedestrians and bicyclists. At present, there is no designated bike route in Kenmore. Since Elmwood Avenue connects the Village of Kenmore to both the Town of Tonawanda and the City of Buffalo, this project will create a safe route for those traveling through the Village by bike. 


In addition, green space will replace many of the areas which have been black-topped over.  This will not only improve the appearance of Elmwood, but also will make it safer, by eliminating the unsafe practice of cars parking over the right of way which currently exists.  ADA compliant curb cuts will also be added.


A press release issued by the Governor’s Office stated: 


The funds are made available to the State through the Federal Highway Administration and are administered by the State Department of Transportation. The program provides up to 80 percent of the cost of each project, with the remaining share coming from the project sponsor. The funds are dedicated for strategic investments in transportation alternatives and with a local sponsor match of more than $33.6 million, support a total investment of nearly $103.7 million.

The projects announced today were chosen through a competitive solicitation process and rated on established criteria that included public benefit and community support for the project; connectivity to an existing transportation system; how well the proposed improvements benefit walking and bicycling; impact on local or regional economies; availability of matching funds; and ability to deliver the project within federally required timeframes. 135 applications were received


Only 68 projects were awarded funding state-wide and only 10 of those awards were given to Erie County Municipalities.


Mayor Mang was happy to see that Kenmore had been successful in securing this funding. He had established the Elmwood Avenue Streetscape Committee (comprised of Elmwood business and property owners) to best determine the needs of the area and to assist in putting together the Village’s plan design.  “I’m thrilled that we can finally have the financial assistance needed to improve Elmwood Avenue”, the Mayor stated.


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