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Village of Kenmore
2919 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
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(716) 873-5700
(716) 873-0004

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Town of Tonawanda


Erie County


New York State


Federal Government (United States)





Kenmore Tonawanda School District





Buffalo and Erie County Library System


Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce





Kaleida Health System


Catholic Health System


Roswell Park Cancer Institute




VA Western New York Healthcare System






Kenmore Village Improvement Society


Kenmore Merchants Association:


Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce


Rotary Club of Kenmore


Kenmore Lions Club


Zonta Club of Kenmore


Ken-Ton Friends of Youth Foundation


Buffalo and Erie County Girl Scouts


Buffalo and Erie County Boy Scouts


Junior League of Buffalo


Maps, Area Codes and Zip Codes 




Magazines & catalogs
Phone books

Hard-cover books
Napkins & Paper towels

Wrapping paper
Wax paper

Heavy paper items used for Shipping
Corrugated cardboard

Pizza Boxes
Cardboard contaminated with food
Wax-coated cardboard
Oil stained cardboard
Wet or dirty boxes
Yellowish “foreign” cardboard
Pieces larger than 3’ by 3’
Junk mail
Advertisements and flyers
School papers
Colored paper
Computer paper
Plastic envelopes
Plastic wrapping or tape
Carbon paper


Dry food boxes (cereal, cookies, etc)
Boxes for healthcare items
Paper towel tubes
Clothing/gift boxes
Any food-soiled cardboard
Frozen food & microwave containers
Pop or other beverage packaging
Egg cartons
Milk cartons
Juice cartons
Juice boxes
Straws from drink boxes
Individual drink pouches




 All clear, green, brown glass Ceramic bottles and containers
Light bulbs
Mirrors and window glass
Eye glasses
Hypodermic syringes

Heat-resistant ovenware


All metal food & beverage containers
Empty pet food cans
Metal lids, caps and closures
Propane cylinders
Small appliances
Tin foil
Metal/cardboard containers
Frozen juice containers
Motor Oil containers
Paint cans
Aerosol cans
SMALL mouth bottles
Food, soap & beverage containers  
Plastic must have a recycle symbol on the bottom with the number 1 – 7

Large mouth containers (even with a recycle symbol with 1-7)
Yogurt, cottage cheese containers
Margarine containers
Baby wipe, Hand wipe tubs
Microwave trays
Plastic bags
Plastic furniture, plates, tableware
Medicine bottles
Fast food containers
Snack bags
Tupperware or other storage containers







  • Rinse and drain containers thoroughly
  • Labels do NOT have to be removed
  • Paper products should be placed in a SEPARATE PAPER GROCERY BAG and placed on top or next to your blue box
  • Disassemble and flatten cardboard boxes
  • Keep paper clean and dry
  • Your blue box should be placed at the curb by 7 AM on regular garbage collection day.


  • TIRES will not be picked up at the curb.  Tires must be brought to the Department of Public Works. THERE IS A FEE FOR DISPOSAL.
  • WASTE OIL is to be returned to the Auto Service Station or Retail Outlet where you purchased it.  They are required by law to accept up to 5 gallons of waste oil.  You can also drop off oil to the Department of Public Works for disposal.  The DPW can only accept oil placed in a sealed plastic container  The container must be labeled as to contents, your name and address.
  • AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES can be brought directly to the Department of Public Works for disposal, or they can be traded in when purchasing a new one.
  • CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS GENERATED BY THE RESIDENT OR HOMEOWNER can be placed in clear plastic bags or neatly bundled no larger than 4 feet in length and not to exceed 50 pounds.  Collection is limited to 1 cubic yard per pickup (10 bundles or containers).  Rugs and carpeting must be tied and bundled. Debris from contracted work must be disposed of by the contractor.
  • LARGE APPLIANCES (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) DOORS must be REMOVED from refrigerators and freezers.
  • LARGE ITEMS are to be placed at the curb by 7 AM on your collection day.  If items must be placed at the curb before collection day, be sure to contact the Department of Public Works immediately.
  • BRUSH/YARDWASTE can be placed in open containers, bundled, or in CLEAR plastic bags. Weight cannot exceed 50 pounds. 
  • LEAVES – FALL ONLY – can be raked to the area between the curb and sidewalk.  DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO THE STREET.
  • PAINT/LATEX should be placed at the curb separate from your other trash in original containers in a SOLID form.  LIDS MUST BE LEFT OFF OF THE CONTAINERS IN ORDER TO BE COLLECTED.
  • HAZARDOUS WASTE (pesticides, pool chemicals, paint thinners, oil based paint, propane tanks, batteries, flammable materials WILL NOT BE COLLECTED by the Village.  These materials are not permitted in land fills.  Contact Erie County for collection information.  Hypodermic needles must be disposed of in a proper medical waste container.

         ELECTRONICS (TVs, Computers, Printers, Calculators, etc.) are NO LONGER collected.  These items need to returned to an Electronic Recycle facility or collection    site.  E-Waste can also be returned to the store from which the item was purchased.




Village property owners pay a quarterly water bill, which includes metered billing for water consumption and sewer charges.

Water bills are payable to the “VILLAGE OF KENMORE” and can be paid either by mail or in person at the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office during regular office hours (M-F, 8 AM - 5:30 PM).

Please note that penalties will be assessed for any payments received after the due date that appears on your bill. 

Bills from the previous calendar year, unpaid as of March 1st, will be assessed against your property taxes. If payment is received after the re-levy, it will be applied as a credit on your account.



The following rates are in effect for bills issued beginning June 1, 2016

Current Rates -


$30/quarter      Minimal charge (first 8000 gallons) PLUS

$5.00/1000 gallons above the minimal charge.

There is also a water surcharge of $11/quarter.


$2.90/1000 gallons

There is a sewer surcharge of $24/quarter.


In addition, your bill will include "DEC/Capital" surcharge which totals $30/quarter.  For more information on this charge, please see the "What's New" section.


Water Meters

Water meters are read once per quarter.

Any new owner will need to purchase a meter and fill out an application.  Tenants cannot set up water accounts.  We can accept applications from persons, other than the owners, only upon receipt of a Power of Attorney signed by the owner designating a representative, or in the case of the Estate, the Administrator or Executor.

New meters can be purchased through the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office.  The cost for a meter is as follows:

1/2” to 5/8”     $65.00             Equipment Charge*

                        $10.00             Service Charge

                        $75.00             TOTAL

3/4"                  $85.00             Equipment Charge

                        $10.00             Service Charge

                        $95.00             TOTAL

1"                     125.00             Equipment Charge

                        $10.00             Service Charge

                        $135.00           TOTAL

*Most residential customers will purchase this size.


If you are moving OUT of Kenmore, you will need to contact the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office to arrange for a final meter reading and to close out your account.  We will need access to your account for the final read.

If you are moving IN to Kenmore, you will need to open your account  at the Clerk/Treasurer's office.  Please note, that under Village Code, only the owner (or legal representative - Power of Attorney, Executor, or Administrator) can set up the water account.  We are not allowed to open an account through a tenant or in the tenant's name.


When am I billed?

The Village is divided into 3 billing units.  Each Unit is billed quarterly for their water based on their meter readings.


Water bills, by law, are sent to the Property Owner, not the Tenant.  Unpaid water charges may become a lien on the property.

UNIT I – Bills go out in March, June, September and December.

UNIT II – Bills go out in January, April, July and October

UNIT III – Bills go out in February, May, August and November.


Problems indicated by your meter

Most residents have both an outside and inside meter.  The Village reads your outside meter once a quarter. Sometimes, the reading may indicate that there is a problem with your service (a leak, faulty meter, etc) or a problem with your meter.

When this occurs the Village will leave a tag requesting you to call to schedule an appointment to read your inside meter.  It is very important that you call the Village right away so that we can identify the problem as soon as possible.  Failure to provide inside access to your meter may result in the termination of your water service.


Common reasons for higher water consumption can include: problems with your toilet, watering your lawn or garden, filling a pool. 


We strongly recommend routinely checking your water meters (inside and outside) to ensure that your meter reads are accurate and that you are being charged for correct consumption.  Simply check the outside meter against the inside meter read and contact the Water Department as soon as possible to arrange for an inspection of your equipment if these meter readings do not match.


Location & Mailing Address

Clerk/Treasurer’s Office – Room 17

2919 Delaware Avenue

Kenmore, New York  14217


Phone and Facsimile

Telephone:       (716) 873-5700

Facsimile:        (716) 873-0004



Contact: Juvenile Aid Bureau (716)875-1414
  Detective Doug Rich  

The KENMORE JUVENILE AID BUREAU was formed within the Kenmore Police Department to handle incoming youth related complaints and reports. Juvenile Aid not only responds to initial complaints, incidents and referrals concerning juveniles, it also provides follow up services including parent/juvenile conferences. In addition, the Juvenile Bureau has set up programs on stress awareness and crime prevention.

The target population for the Juvenile Aid Bureau includes youths who have been in trouble or in need of assistance from the Kenmore Police Department. Residents or Police Officers report over 400 youth-related incidents annually. Prevention programs reach 3,000 to 3,500 youths each year, between the ages of 5 and 19.


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